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Investment is craft in Ethiopia 
Addis Ababa | Paris 
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Our Firm

Believes in Ethiopia’s investment potential. Ethiopia is known for being the cradle of humanity and has been able to remain independent of colonial rule throughout its history. With Ethiopia’s rapid economic growth, our firm is at the forefront of empowering foreign companies to open businesses from start to finish. You can find our office nestled within Addis Ababa.


Proud Advisors or Partners of

High Quality Advisory

We are with our Clients every step of the way giving them peace of mind and possess the ability to tailor our services for their needs giving them an exceptional edge in Ethiopia. 

Localized Expertise

We have built a team of multicultural experts with specialized knowledge of Ethiopia allowing us to provide insights where others don't.

Established Network

Our extensive knowledge and relationships with local institutions and private companies allow our clients to seamlessly integrate into the Ethiopian network.


Visit Us

150 meters from 3 Day's International Hotel

Mickey Leland Street

Haya Hulet

Addis Ababa


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Tel: +251.(0)11.635.42.81

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